Tips To Keep Your Salon Bill Affordable
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Tips To Keep Your Salon Bill Affordable

There is no question that getting your hair colored, cut and otherwise maintained by a professional will make an enormous difference in the health and wellness of your hair. Home hair disasters are usually a result of two things: either lack of time, or it’s just not in the budget. Here are some helpful tricks to keeping your costs as affordable as possible, and your time used wisely, when heading to see your hair guru:
  1. Wet cuts vs. Cut & Blowout: almost all salons charge for blowout services with a haircut. Call the salon and ask if there is a discount for a wet cut. This is a great option for those of you who prefer to style our own hair anyway. A wet cut should always include a professional shampoo, so you shouldn’t be missing out on that wonderful part of your service. Forgoing a blowout can save you as much as 30%.
  2. Color Retouches: Got roots? There is nothing worse than that skunk streak down the top of your head to make you feel frumpy. This service is best done by a professional always, as coloring over previously colored hair is damaging and drying to your hair. Only the new growth should be colored, and that requires a pro. If the lengths of your hair are faded, pulling permanent color through the ends is NOT the solution. Ask your stylist what the cost for a retouch to your color is, and whether that includes a style or not. Many salons include a style into the cost of a retouch. If you are willing to forgo the blowout, the cost may be lower, but not always.
  3. Part Foiling: if you wear highlights in your hair, there is a simple, inexpensive solution to keeping your roots at bay. Requesting a “spot foil” or a “hairline only” touch up is an inexpensive choice. Be clear in telling your stylist that you want no more than 10 foils for this service. If you have a talented colorist, 10 foils should change your look enormously. These “cheater foils” can be done at least twice before you should need a full highlight again. *Balayage is also a great alternative for clients wanting a more natural look with less contrast at the root.
  4. Use Correct Products: if you are investing in professional hair color, it is imperative that you use the correct product to wash your hair, especially if you shampoo frequently. Sulfate free, color-safe products, or conditioner-only cleansing will make a tremendous difference in the longevity of your color services. If you go home and wash your hair with some cheap, over the counter shampoo, your color will go right down the drain.
  5. Express your budget with your stylist: all good hairdressers like to be busy with happy clients. Communicate. If you desperately need highlights and a cut, but only have a $100 budget, talk to your stylist about that. There are many creative ways that a colorist can give you the finished look you want within your budget. There are many alternatives to standard services that can help you stretch your dollar and maximize the length of your results. You should feel comfortable enough with your stylist to express your needs; after all you ARE the customer.