My Cool Springs Studio is Open!
Alison Wolf at Parcel 79 - Expert Color, Precision Cuts, Microbead Hair Extensionist
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My Cool Springs Studio is Open!

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After 8 months in Tennessee, I have again become the master of my own universe.
(okay, ONLY at work- my two boys run the rest…).
Choosing a hairdresser is an intimate thing; you are putting your outward image in someone else’s hands…and that’s a big deal. My first salon was a small, boutique shop with 1-3 stylists working at any given time. It was very cozy and personal, but here in Tennessee, I have taken that concept to an even more personal level: one-on-one, completely private hair services, where there is no one in the studio but myself and my client, during their service; this doesn’t mean that a friend or family member can’t tag along (that is completely up to you). Often this is the only time many of my busy mommy clients get to be alone and do something for themselves’
(like complete an entire thought).
I have been successful in my career because I follow a tried and true formula: offer the best service possible, do the finest work available, do it for a fair price and have integrity. This is a philosophy that seems to be lost in much of the service industry today. So often I hear clients talk about experiences of being treated as if they were a bother, or that their concerns and desires are not being heard- or ever truly met; that is not good service.
A one-on-one studio experience is a treat that many people do not even know is available to them. Breaking away from the conventional, multi-chaired, multi-staffed salon has given me the ability to control the environment that I choose to create for my clients. There is something nurturing and special about being in a quiet, relaxed setting, where you can have someone’s undivided attention- and that works both ways. I am at my most creative and efficient when I have no peripheral distractions. No phones, no other conversations, no other people walking in and out…and no noise. Just you, and me, discussing all the things that you have ever wanted to do with your hair (okay, we talk about a lot of other stuff too), in absolute privacy.
Sound too good to be true? It’s not.
Alison Wolf & Co. is a bit of a play on words; who exactly is my “company?” Well, that would be all of YOU- my clients. I have the complete joy of going to work everyday and being with friends. Many of my clients over the past 20+ years (I stopped counting) have become just that- intricate parts of my life that I could never do without, and making them happy never feels like work. Having a creative gift to bring self confidence, joy and pride to someone, in regards to their personal appearance, is a privilege that I take very seriously. How you feel on the outside directly affects your inside, and caring for BOTH should be a priority. You wouldn’t go to a doctor you didn’t feel comfortable with, and your hairdresser should be no different.
Whether you are new to Franklin, or you are curious to have a fresh, new experience when dealing with your hair, (or you just like reading my silly column and want to meet me), I invite you to visit my studio. Just take Berry’s Chapel up and “over the mountain,” and straight into Cool Springs. I am just behind the evil Krispy Kreme (and no, please do not bring me one). I promise that you will not be disappointed. I will work tirelessly to give you the look you have always wanted until you are 100% satisfied.
Find me at
Twitter @MusicCitySalon, or visit my website:
I take appointments Monday-Saturdays.
Studio: (615) 435-WOLF
Mobile: (386) 237-5274