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FAQ's about microbeads, answered by Alison:

How is it attached?

I only attach  my  extensions with microlinks (aka: microbeads). This is a non-glue, non-tension method that is completely reversible and causes NO damage to the natural hair. Each hair strand is attached by a small bead in which the extension and your own hair are passed through and the bead is then pressed flat to hold the strand together by pressure.

The links can be opened and removed at any time.

*YOUR HAIR EXTENSIONS CAN BE USED OVER AND OVER- no need to order new hair every time you need a tightening! My clients purchase hair no more than twice a year.
What maintenance is required?

You MUST use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to detangle your hair after washing.  A soft bristle or "wet brush" is a must. Throw your vent brushes OUT. I will give you a soft bristle brush after your install, as long as I have them in stock. You must not shampoo more than TWICE  a week.

Do they hurt?

No, they don't hurt...however, if you tend to have a sensitive scalp (like me), there will be a 48 hour adjustment period where your scalp may feel a bit tender, especially when you sleep. Hair extensions are nothing short of a prosthetic, and anytime you have something "else" attached to you, there will be an adjustment period. After 48 hours, you will be amazed how comfortable they become. Some people never experience this transition period- this is just a possible scenario for the sensitive types (awww).

How long does it take?

You should expect to spend 2-3 hours in my chair when receiving a fresh set of extensions. Maintenance appointments take 1.5 hours. Luckily this is only something you have to do a few times a year- not every month...and it is SOOOOO worth it!

What if I can't stand it?

The chances are, you will love it- so much so that you will never go back to being without them...BUT, if you are one of those rare birds who just can't deal with having something "in your hair"...NO WORRIES. I will be happy to remove your extensions at any time for NO CHARGE- please do NOT attempt to remove them yourself. Putting extensions in is a labor intensive service and there are NO REFUNDS for the service, or for the hair itself.

Will you fix extensions someone else did incorrectly?

Yes and no.  I do a LOT of corrective work, however, please do not expect extension removal that was done elsewhere for no charge. If I remove someone else's incorrect work and have to spend time untangling and conditioning your hair, there will be a charge. If you are transitioning out of BONDED extensions of ANY type, please have them removed PRIOR to your install appointment, unless you have made arrangements with me to remove them for you; I will rarely agree to remove another stylist's bonding due to the enormous time it takes, as well as the chemicals required, and suggest that you have it be removed by the salon/person who attached it. 

**I will NOT remove and reinstall, or service another stylist's extensions.