Shake Off Winter and Sparkle for Spring!
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Shake Off Winter and Sparkle for Spring!
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The Pope Wore Prada and Now I Know Why!
Shake Off Winter and Sparkle for Spring!


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Shake Off Winter and Sparkle for Spring!

Spring is coming! Spring is coming- everything will soon be budding and blossoming; I just saw a string of beautiful yellow crocus popping their sunshiny little heads up out of the ground while driving along the river. Soon all will be colorful, fresh and new….how about you? Are you ready to transform along with the season? Spring is the perfect time to try something new, lighten up or add some color, trim off those dry, winter beaten ends and put a little “spring” into your lovely locks. Winter can truly wreak havoc on our hair. Not only can the weather dry and damage our hair, but illness and medications do a nasty job on our hair’s health as well. It seems that just about everyone I know suffered with some sort of flu or other nasty bug in the past few months. Most people are unaware of the after effects of common treatments on our skin and hair, and they can be significant: Antibiotics are often a necessity during the cold season, but while doing their job to kill off the bad bugs, they also kill off much of the good flora in our colon and digestive tract, which is where most of our nutrients for healthy hair reside. Vitamin K and biotin, two major players in the production of healthy hair, reside in our colon. Be sure to eat lots of yogurt with live cultures to replenish your healthy flora. Did you know that antibiotics can actually fade the natural color of our hair, including our eyebrows? They can! Many medications can interrupt the way that hair color works, making tried and true formulas suddenly stop yielding desired results. Let your stylist know if you have recently been on antibiotics or are taking regular medications, as these factors can make your hair more resistant to hair coloring or permanent waving.  Antihistamines have an extreme drying effect on our skin and hair, causing dry itchy scalp and skin, and having the heat in the house on doesn’t help. Get those windows open soon and let some moist spring air in (vaporizers are great too, but not as romantic as a fresh spring breeze floating through your house).  With all that said, spring is the perfect time to freshen up and clean out the follicular closet. A good clarifying shampoo and/or treatment can remove lots of impurities, from medicinal residue, iron, chlorine, excessive products, waxes and other icky stuff that builds up and leaves our hair feeling lifeless, brittle, coated or otherwise unhealthy.There are lots of rejuvenating treatments available for your hair both over the counter and at the salon, but unless your hair is clarified first, you will not receive the full benefit of any conditioning treatment. Avoid any salon treatments that claim to make your hair stronger and healthier by applying keratin using a molten thermal tool (aka: a 400 degree flat iron). I personally am not a fan, and believe that these treatments actually damage the hair further. There are keratin treatments available that do NOT use thermal tools in their application and these are the types that I would suggest you seek out if you are in the market. Deep conditioning treatments often require a warm dryer to open the hair’s cuticle and allow penetration of the treatment, this practice is NOT damaging. So shake off the effects of winter and get yourself refreshed and renewed for the new season. This is the perfect time of the year to try something new and sassy; just changing the location of your part can make you feel amazing. Little changes can make a big difference in the way you look and feel, and change always creates energy, which allows us to open ourselves up to new possibilities in all aspects of our life. Happy Blossoming!    Write your post here.