No Maintenance Hair Color for the Graying, Bored or Faded
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No Maintenance Hair Color for the Graying, Bored or Faded
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No Maintenance Hair Color for the Graying, Bored or Faded

You know who you are, Mommy. You do for others every second of the day, and there is very little time or energy left for you to do for yourself. I hear my clients tell me often that they would like to try a fun new color or cover their annoying gray, but the fear of not being able to afford or find time for maintenance, makes them leery.
Being a mom makes it almost impossible to commit to anything regularly scheduled (for ourselves), so the thought of having to find time to get to the salon every 4 weeks to hide peeking grey or harsh looking roots is enough to make us anxious.
There is a fantastic alternative: demi-permanent hair color. No, not “Demi & Ashton” Demi- DEMI HAIR COLOR….color that fades evenly, over a period of weeks to months, never leaving a harsh line of regrowth when your ‘silver shafts of wisdom’ start peeking through, or your dishwater blonde starts growing out and clashing with your shiny sassy pants red….
Demi colors are made by most professional color lines, and they will often leave your hair feeling better than it did prior to the treatment. Keep in mind that demi colors cannot make your hair lighter, they can only deposit color, therefore, they are only going to work for grey coverage, enhancing your natural tone, going darker or blending in old highlights…they can also offer fantastic shine when matched to your existing hair color. These colors can be done 3-4 times a year, rather than monthly, if you decide you love it and want to keep it.
I see a lot of clients experimenting with bright reds and rich dark blondes recently, and demi color is a great way to experiment without making a permanent commitment. If you color over pre-lightened hair with demi, it will last quite a while, but if you decide to go back to your blonde locks, you can do it fairly easily. Demis are also a great way to grow out your permanent hair color and go au naturel. So many women have turned beautifully snow white or have gorgeous silver streaks, but don’t know how to make the transition back to their natural hair color; this is a great choice. It is also a great choice for the other half, who have always wanted to do something wild or totally different…go for it! Many of the popular pastel and carnival colors that you are seeing in the media are versions of demis that can be applied to the entire head, or with foiling techniques to add just a few pops of color here or there. FUN!
Now that you are informed, ask your colorist if they offer demi-permanent color and remember:
Semi-permanents are made to last 6-8 shampoos, demi-color is made to last 12-16 shampoos, and permanent color is made to remain in the hair shaft for good. All of these kinds of hair color will last longer when you are using a sulfate-free, color safe shampoo.
(You should also never shampoo more than twice a week, if you have chemically treated hair, to avoid drying, frizz and color fading).