Celebrating the Colors of Autumn
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Celebrating the Colors of Autumn
The Pope Wore Prada and Now I Know Why!
Shake Off Winter and Sparkle for Spring!


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Celebrating the Colors of Autumn

As much as we look forward to summer, there is always something refreshing and rejuvenating about fall. It’s a welcome change from the heat and harshness of the summer that allows us to slow down, enjoy the fresh air coming through the windows and take in all of the wondrous colors of nature that are exploding all around us. Fashion tends to mimic the seasons, and as we say goodbye to summer, we also say goodbye to the lightened, beach blown, pool drenched, ultra worn hair that has been subjected to so much during our holiday playtime. Fall invites us to refresh our color, deepen our perspective and get back to nature a bit…but always with flair.
Fall is the perfect time for blondes to try a richer shade. Blonde comes in many forms, not just the classic, golden bombshell type, or the ultra platinum glamorous starlit. Blondes can be everything from bronze, cherry or titian, to deep gold and copper tone. Adding color to your normally pale locks will add immense softness and color to your complexion, and give you an added hint of color even after that summer color in your cheeks has faded. The season works to refresh brunettes and red heads as well; giving golden brown headed gals an excuse to try that deep, shiny chocolate, or violet-hued deep brown that has always looked so luscious on someone else….why not you? Red heads are the queens of autumn, and can get away with just about anything during this season. No red is wrong in fall, as long as it is rich, healthy and shiny.
Remember that demi-permanent colors are always an option when trying new shades and tones. If you want to go for a deeper, more colorful you, without the long term commitment, demi shades lasting 6-8 weeks are a great answer, and if you decide to keep the new look, your colorist can always switch you to a permanent formula.
Enjoy the season, ladies….and go for a new, more colorful YOU!