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 Wolf Microbead Extension Packages

Alison only offers AAA+ Remy Human Hair

12" Extension Package: $650
*$75 for additional hair (42 strands)

14” Extension Package: $670 
*$83 for additional hair (40 strands)      

16” Extension Package : $695
*$90 for additional hair (38 strands)      

18" Extension Package : $715
*$98 for additional hair (36 strands)

22” Extension Package : $884
*$98 for additional hair (27 strands)

24” Extension Package : $915
*includes 125 strands


visit for more info and choices.
16" packages are available for only $450 complete with install
for a limited time!

Packages must be paid in full, prior to ordering your custom hair.

***There is a $50 consultation fee for ANY TYPE OF HAIR REPLACEMENT SERVICES; 
the fee is waived if you purchase a package at the time of your consultation.

**Tightening appointments for microbeads are scheduled for 1.5 hours and cost $150. You must arrive with FRESHLY SHAMPOOED, DRY, TANGLE FREE HAIR. Any repairs or need to replace beads and/or hair will incur additional charges. 

I will complete your style via curling iron or smoothing iron and trim any necessary edges.

***If your hair is unclean or damp in any way, I will not be able to perform your service, and you will be charged for the time and rescheduled.

If you book an appointment for “repairs” the charge will be a minimum of $50. Please follow care directions to avoid the need for these costly and unnecessary visits.